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Please go to the wiki page, this is just a staging area

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Introductory Information (or the path to debianhood):

If you want to join the group you need to register an account on alioth and ask for being added to the pkg-games group, preferrably by sending a short introduction mail to

How to get a package ready for upload
How to ask for an upload in the Games Team
Version Control System
For storage and working on our packages
Note: Debian Developers can use the group's repository for working on their games packages, getting many co-maintainers for free. If you have many of those, consider joining the group.

Various useful links:

Games Team PET instance
Package Entropy Tracker.
Upload queue
Here non-DDs and non-DMs upload, and DDs sponsor.
For bugtracking of our packages.
Debian Developer's Packages Overview.
Debian External Health Status.